Loki - a Movie with a Different Approach


Image Source : DISNEY+ HOTSTAR

When you hear the name “Loki”, you instantly remember all the movies based on Marvel Comics. Those are all the movies about the God of Mischief, the great Loki. His aim is to rule, and it is never clear whether he is malicious and does everything with a clear purpose to harm people or he is driven by something else. This type of movie is usually filled with a lot of humor. And well, there is not much to think about. 

This time, Loki is different. Well, the entire approach to the plot is different. Maybe that`s why the movie has already become so popular. So, Loki, directed by Kate Herron, with Tom Hiddleston in the main role.

Some Words about the Plot

For those who don`t know the pre-history, some background information. In Avengers: Infinity War, Loki dies at the hands of Thanos. But he gets a second chance in Endgame. The errant bounce of the Tesseract allows Loki not just to escape his arrest but move to the moment before he died. 

Now, the new movie. You know now about the errant bounce. So, the movie starts with the errant bounce. Loki is immediately caught by a special organization called the TVA. Loki lands just in front of one of the TVA officers who is declaring that Loki is arrested. 

So, TVA, of the Time Variance Authority - who are they? We could compare them to the police. But their mission is not to catch ordinary criminals but to protect the Sacred Timeline. Everything is predetermined, every single action of everybody is dictated by fate. If something happens that breaks the line, the TVA intrudes and investigates the case in order to return everything to normal.

Loki died but returned in time to the moment before he died. With it, he escaped the reality where he is dead. He believes that now, he can start his own show. But instead, he is caught and has to be held responsible for the crime.

Fate Is the Keyword

What makes the movie stand out though? Loki is definitely not a unique character. He is very important to cinematography. The God of Mischief has already appeared in many movies, every time, his image was different. What is so special about him and the plot this time?

We would say, Fate is the thing that makes the movie stand out. When Loki is arrested by the TVA, he, to his horror, understands that everything is dictated by fate. Even he, one of the almighty gods, cannot change anything. Even his mischiefs are predetermined!

A Villain or a Positive Character?


Image Source : DISNEY+ HOTSTAR

Well, Loki is a villain even though a humorous one. However, this time, he is outsmarted by the TVA. He is nothing more than a Time Variant, and he has a choice: to combine his powers with one of the TVA officers Agent Mobius to chase and catch a very dangerous Time Variant or he will die, this time, forever.

Loki has to accept the offer. Is it also Fate or just a coincidence? We have yet to discover it. 

Finally, when Mobius asks Loki why he with such a range wants just to rule, Loki finally admits, even though reluctantly, the fact that he was trying to resist at the TVA - it is just his fate, it was predetermined.

Some More Special Details

One more thing that attracts attention is the controversy. The monochromatic reality of the TVA is the most controversial, we would say, the most unsuitable setting for Loki. He simply doesn`t fit there, but he lands specifically in that environment. Maybe for the first time, Loki is really horrified by the understanding that nothing can change fate. 

So, as you can see, the movie tells us a story that is quite different from the typical story about the God of Mischief. Even the God of Mischief is different! What else can we expect from the coming series? For now, it is difficult to tell. Let`s wait and see.