While 2020 was mostly a complete disappointment, 2021 is promising to bring some interesting movies that were delayed due to the pandemic restrictions. UTVC has created a list of the best movies that are to be streamed in 2021. Some of the movies are already candidates for Oscar, and just by reading reviews, you can guess which movies deserve your attention. 

So, the list: here, we have selected movies of all types and genres to make sure you will find the most suitable option for you. 

We are inviting you to have a closer look at the list and choose the movies that you would enjoy watching. 

No Time to Die


Photo: Film.ru

Director: Cary Fukunaga

Genre: Comedy, drama


There are no former agents. Even though James Bond has completed his career, his past doesn`t want to leave him even in Jamaica where he is trying to live a calm life. His former colleague asks him for a favor: to help to find and release a famous scientist who has been kidnapped. The famous agent cannot complete the mission calmly. As usual, he starts some fights here and there and ends up being captured by a mysterious villain. 

The details you will find out after watching the premiere. The film is promising to be entertaining. 

Mission: Impossible 7


Photo: Kino Poisk

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Genre: adventure, action


Specific details of the plot are not disclosed yet. However, it is not difficult to guess that this is going to be the continuation of the series about famous spies. Also, we know that the events are going to unfold based on the previous movie Mission: Impossible - Fallout. We expect to see Tom Cruise perform the role of the main character, and he with his team is going to save the world again. 

Quiet Place II


Photo: ITC.UA

Director: John Krasinski

Genre: horror


This is a horror film. It is tense and filled with horror, in the direct sense of this word. The film is unusual in the way that it almost doesn`t have dialogues. People know that one word, one uncareful noise, and they will appear: carnivorous monsters sensitive to sound. Silence shall save everybody, and the main characters are trying to survive in their once friendly world that suddenly has become hostile. 

The movie was completed in 2020. But the director decided that it will be better if the premiere takes place in a theatre setting. Therefore, we are still waiting for the premiere to watch one of the most incredible and scary horror films ever. 



Photo: ITZine.UA

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Genre: science fiction, drama, adventure


Arrakis is a distant planet where only giant sandworms live. But this planet has a valuable asset - a drug called spice. This drug can extend the abilities of a human beyond possible. Who owns spice owns humankind.

The family of the main character Paul gains the desired control over Arrakis. However, control over spice means not exactly what they expected. Control and power bring also new problems. Paul sets off into a dangerous trip to solve the problems and meet the new inhabitants of Arrakis. Meanwhile, one more battle over spice is unfolding, and only the bravest will survive. 

Matrix 4


Photo: Kanobu

Director: Lana Wachowski

Genre: sci-fi, action


This movie doesn`t need any advertisement. From its first part, it has conquered the hearts of many people all around the world. It is not surprising that Matrix 4 is also on the list of the most expected movies. 

For now, not much is known about the plot. We just can tell that the young Morpheus will appear. Also, this is going to be more a love story than anything else. And again, the main characters are going to move on with new adventures in different realities.

Black Widow


Photo: Afisha

Director: Cate Shortland 

Gene: adventure, action 


This is one more story of a professional killer, a soldier with supernatural abilities Natasha Romanoff. This time, she has to face her mysterious past and uncover some events that turned her into a professional killer. 

The premiere is going to take place in summer 2021. So, soon, we will be able to watch it. 



Photo: Afisha

Director: Chloé Zhao

Genre: sci-fi, action, fantasy


Several million years ago, a race from space called Celestials visited our planet. At that time, the first human creations were inhabiting our planet. Celestials created two races of people as a result of experiments with the first humans: Eternals and Deviants. Eternals had supernatural abilities and were almost immortal. Deviants were genetically unstable. Thus, this movie will tell you more about the race of Eternals. 

Top Gun: Maverick


Photo: LIGA.net

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Genre: action drama


After years of service in the Navy, Pete Mitchell isn`t going to give up his job and continues training pilots. But this time, everything is different. He has to train a squad of graduates for an immensely complicated mission that requires the ultimate sacrifice. Pete has to face his past and find the best solution.

This is a sequel to the movie released in 1986, so, if you have watched it, you don`t need to be explained anything. The premiere is promising to be exciting. 

Chaos Walking


Photo: MIRF

Director: Doug Liman

Genre: Sci-fi, drama, adventure


Todd is growing up in a family of his adoptive parents on a small planet colonized by humans many years ago. There is something strange about the planet: only men live there. And they cannot keep secrets because via something mysterious called Noise, all the thoughts and desires are seen to other people.

However, Todd discovers that on the planet, there are places without Noise, places of silence. Moreover, some people are not influenced by the Noise, moreover, some people can be the source of the silence. 

The Suicide Squad


Photo: MIRF

Director: James Gunn

Genre: superhero movie


Belle Reve prison is not the best place on the Earth. Nobody wants to stay there because it is hell. There, villains with supernatural powers are kept, and there, they are recruited for dangerous missions. 

Now, supervillains are dropped off at a remote island and they are going a super-shady Force X.