When Is Season 2 of The Witcher Coming Out on Netflix?

The Witcher Season 2 is going to be streamed soon. Have you already made yourself acquainted with The Witcher Netflix review? If so, and if you haven`t watched The Witcher yet, you must be intrigued, indeed because the Netflix series season 1 has received different feedback from critics and viewers. While some critics were insisting that the series was a real success, others claimed the series has resulted in a failure, one of the biggest failures of Netflix over the last years. 

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Is the movie worth watching? And can we tell that The Witcher season 2 is a real event? Let us have a look at more details and make an informed decision. 

The Witcher Season 2

Season 2 of The Witcher isn`t released yet. The movie production was delayed several times. The first time, the pandemic was the reason of a delay. The second time, Henry Cavill has damaged his leg and couldn`t perform the role of his character. However, even though the series hasn`t been streamed, some details about The Witcher Season 2 are already known, and we will willingly share them with you.

In Season 2, Geralt finally finds princess Ciry. He brings her to his former home because he believes that there, she is safe. Geralt is going to teach Ciri to manage the strange power that she has. 

Also, Season 2 reveals some facts about the events that will follow in Season 3. 

When Is Season 2 of The Witcher Coming Out on Netflix?

Based on some rumors, we can conclude that Season 2 of The Witcher will be released on the 21st of August 2021. But there have been so many delays that in the end, the exact release date is not announced, and Netflix doesn`t tell anything specific either. 

Who Is Playing The Witcher on Netflix?

Don`t you mind if we move now to checking some more information about the movie? Those who have enjoyed watching Season 1 believe that Season 2 is going to be a masterpiece again. Others don`t think so which is also logical. We though think that the movie is pretty good. Of course, in some places, it was difficult to understand which kinda spoils the impression from watching it. 

Henry Cavill will play the role of Geralt. It means that the quality of the playing shall at least stay at the same level. 

Yennefer will be played by Anya Charotra, and Ciri will be played by Freya Allan. Even though these actresses were criticized, we still believe that they were good. 


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Photo: Tumbral.com

The Witcher, Season 1 Review

Now, it is time to check the main events in the movie. We deal with three main storylines in The Witcher. 

The main storyline is the one of the witcher. He is a mutant. He hunts monsters and gets decent awards for it. His main aim and destiny is to find princess Ciri. They seem to be connected in some way. Ciri is a powerful princess but she cannot control that strange power that she has. 

Geralt is perceived by many as a positive character. However, this is not correct. His character is too multifaceted to be just positive or just negative. He fights for people and protects them from creatures that endanger people's existence. However, Geralt doesn`t understand people and at times even hates them. 

One more important storyline is the one of Ciri. In Season 1, she is still a little girl. For now, her story is the least developed. But we believe that it will be developed properly in Season 2. For now, just some facts are revealed about her: she has a special mission, and she possesses a strange power that she doesn`t know how to control. 

One more crucial storyline is the one of Yennefer. In season 1, we see how she develops from a young girl with a deformed face into a beautiful and extremely powerful sorceress. 

There are more storylines, the movie would be not complete without them. However, some of them are difficult to follow because the screenwriters tried to make them as they were described in the books. This is one of the main reasons why the movie was criticized: the events were not adapted to a movie, instead, they were following the books. 

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This has had a negative impact on the chronology of the movie. If you haven`t read the books and haven`t played the games, you, most likely, will have difficulties understanding the movie.

The History of the Series

The Witcher is created based on the series of eight fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Of course, many details in the movie are eliminated, and many things are simplified. It is understandable why though: a movie shall be clear to everybody who is watching it. Also, the events shall keep the attention of viewers, thus, the action shall develop dynamically. We would say that in this regard, Netflix has managed to handle all the events that were crucial. 

The series has received criticism for the representation of the characters. In the books, you can hardly find just good or just bad characters (well, except the monsters, for example). Even supposedly positive characters have their faults (Geralt, Yennefer), and even the worst ones have their truth. In the movie, the characters are simplified. If the multifacetedness were kept, it could turn the movie into a much expected masterpiece. 

The Witcher of Polish Production vs The Witcher by Netflix: What Is the Difference Between Them?

The Witcher by Netflix is though not the very first attempt to make a movie based on the bestseller novels. As you can guess, the very first attempt was made by Polish television. The first Witcher was released in 2001. The Polish audience expected that the movie would become a symbol of Polish cinematography. But instead, it was a failure that was difficult to imagine. 

Some insist that the insufficient budget is the reason. However, at that time, wonderful movies were filmed even with a much limited budget. Thus, this is not the reason. The real reason is the poor performance in everything: special effects, costumes, decorations, dialogues. Whatever could be spoilt, was spoilt.  

The plot was chaotic. The events are impossible to follow even if you have read the books. 

Special effects deserve your special attention. They were named iconic. However, not because of their quality, rather on the contrary, they were the poorest ever. In some places with monsters, viewers were supposed to feel scared, however, while watching the movie, the audience used to burst out in laughter. 

The clothes also deserve your attention. Metallic parts shrink when the actors move, and some costumes look as if they have been made from curtains. 

Screenwriters were trying to compensate for the evident drawbacks and added just too much nudity. Long senseless dialogues also don`t help to understand the movie, rather on the contrary, make it boring. 

Was at least something positive in The Witcher of Polish television? Of course, there were some details that were supposed to save the movie. The actors did their best to save the “masterpiece”, you can even see how they are trying to play as well as it is possible. Music also was to place and of decent quality. However, the movie had to fail.

Is The Witcher of Netflix Based on the Game?

Many fans of The Witcher have met the characters not in the movie and even not in the games. Plenty of people around the world know the characters of the famous bestseller series from games developed by a Polish company CD Projekt Red.

Everybody who knows the games would agree that they are the most accurate representation of the book series. One who has played the games will understand the movie. 

While both the series and the games were created based on the same books, there are major differences between them. The most striking ones we will check. 

Dandelion vs Jaskier

A funny bard is not the main character but for known reasons, he is remembered by all the viewers and gamers. In the games, his name is Dandelion. However, in the movie, we know him under a completely different name: Jaskier. Why the difference though? You would agree that the fantasy tone is too heavy and dark to name the bard Dandelion. This name simply doesn`t fit. Thus, in the movie, he is Jaskier which is also Dandelion but in the Polish language. 

Colour vs White

The characters in both the books and the games are all the representatives of the white race. The reason is simple: both the book series author and the game developer are from Poland where 80% of the population are white. 

Netflix has invited the best actors to perform the roles disregarding their nationality and race. Thus, you can meet the representatives of all the nationalities and races.  

The Witcher

From the games, you know that the witcher speaks with the voice of Doug Cockle. Every gamer associates Cockel with the witcher.

In The Witcher by Netflix though, Henry Cavill plays the role. He isn`t trying to compete with Doug Cokcle in any way. Instead, he creates his own witcher. We shall admit, and many viewers would agree, that he doesn`t just play the role, he lives in it. And he is just the right witcher for the movie. 

Silver Sword

Gamers know that Geralt runs around with two swords. One is made from silver and serves to kill monsters. The other is made from steel and with it. Geralt fights with people. 

In both the movie and the books though Geralt carries around one sword, the steel one. The other is left by Geralt`s horse. Jaskier explains that the silver sword is too fragile and attracts unnecessary attention, thus, it is better to hide it rather than carry it around. 

The clothes and the arms in the movie are also much simpler. The reason is clear though: actors shall be able to wear their clothes and to use their equipment. Everything is made at a very decent level.

The Characters

In the games, you will find almost all the characters. In the movie, many characters are eliminated, for the clarity reasons. If everybody has been mentioned in the movie, the series would be impossible to understand. 

Triss or Yennefer?

Triss and Yennefer have different roles in the games and the series. In the games, you will discover that Triss is the main love focus of the witcher. When Geralt meets Yennefer, you decide whether he stays with her or not. 

In the series, Triss helps Geralt with some tasks but she has never been his love. When Yennefer appears, you see immediately in whom Geralt is interested indeed.

Love or Magic?

One major difference is also in the relationships between the witcher and the young sorceress Yennefer. In the games, a genie makes them fall in love with each other. In the movie, they have been interested in each other long before the genie appears. 

Is It Worth Watching?

If you love fantasy, you will love the series. The Witcher is a dark fantasy with monsters, evil people, tribes. Get ready for an amazing show with a lot of fighting, violence, some disgusting scenes, indeed, some nudity. This is not a movie to watch with kids but a perfect version for an evening with your friends.