What is the sense of your life and what comes after you die? Have you ever thought about it? And what about the soul and where does it come from? Or what happens when we die? Soul by Pixar is aimed at replying to all these questions. Now, the cartoon is available on UTVC. It is perfect for watching with all family members.

While your kids are following the adventures of the main characters, you will be rediscovering the world that surrounds you. You will be learning that even the simplest things around might be the source of endless joy. Also, you will find out that life is much deeper than you have ever thought.


Photo: Livejournal.com

The cartoon teaches us to be extremely careful with everybody. Indeed, every word can hurt deeply, and those wounds might not heal for ages or even for the entire life. A single hurting phrase might turn you into an awful monster that will be torturing somebody forever. Are you ready for that? Well, Soul was awarded the Golden Globe Award for a reason. 

Now, you might be interested to read something about the plot and the main characters. 

The main character is Joe Gardner. He isn`t young but he still has a dream that is not achieved yet: to become a musician. For now, he teaches music at school, and he doesn`t even have a full-time job there. Even though his position at school is not as stable as it is needed to feel comfortable, he isn`t happy when the school director announces to him that he is accepted to work full-time. 

On the same day, he gets a call that is going to change his life forever: he gets a chance to perform with the legendary Dorothea. Joe is happy, impressed, and so much inspired that he doesn`t look where he is walking. He falls into a manhole and ends up in a coma. 

His soul is traveling to Great Beyond when he realizes that he cannot go there right now when the dream is so close. He is trying to escape and lands in Great Before. There, souls are trained before heading to the Earth. 

There, he meets the soul 22 that isn`t willing to go to the Earth. Moreover, Joe is assigned to train her. They agree that he will help 22 to get a pass to the Earth, and she gives it to him. Instead, she will have a chance to stay in Great Before forever.

They almost complete their plan but at the last moment, everything goes wrong. 22 ends up in the body of Joe, and the soul of Joe lands in a therapy cat. Now, they have to find a way to return Joe into his body, and 22 shall go to Great Before. However, 22 sincerely falls in love with life and wants to stay on the Earth by all means. 

What is waiting for the main characters? Will they manage to solve their problems? Watch the cartoon to find it out. 

Now, we would like to draw your attention to some moments that deserve to be highlighted. In the cartoon, you will find a lot of deep meanings and thoughts. Take alone the comparison of life with the ocean and water - now, you understand what Dorothea wanted to tell Joe? Life is what we see and what we perceive. We might perceive it as an ocean or as just water, it depends on us only. 

Another moment to think about is something deeply psychological. What do all those angry and hurting words to souls that trust us? They turn us into monsters that will torture a poor soul forever. Are you ready to become such a monster? 

There is one more incredibly touching thing that the cartoon teaches us. Whatever you have done, if you want, you can improve everything. 

This is a special cartoon indeed. It is touching, funny, a little bit sad, and filled with a great sense. This is a cartoon that teaches us to dream and follow our dreams doesn`t matter what because the value of our lives is in them. And finally, it is just a nice cartoon to watch in any company.