He Is Risen!

When you hear such a greeting, you can be sure that Easter is here. The Ukrainian TV Company team congratulates you warmly with this wonderful spring holiday or hope, love, new life. May it bring you and your loved ones peace, joy, new beginnings, and all the best whatever can happen in your life. 

He Is Risen!

Do you know where Easter symbols come from? 

One of the most common attributes of Easter is a red egg. It is easy to guess why an egg is a symbol of a holiday honoring new life but why the red colour? 

There is a legend that Maria Magdalena brought boiled eggs to the mountain where Jesus was crucified. A drop of his blood fell on the eggs and coloured them red. Since then, the red colour is told to be a symbol of Christ's blood. 

Another cute Easter symbol is a bunny. In Ukraine and other Slavic countries, it is not as widespread as in Western Europe or the USA. The thing is that bunny was one of the symbols of an ancient germanic holiday honoring Eostre, a goddess of fertility. Later, it was picked up by the Christian holiday Easter, even the name was adopted. 

Do you also present nice Easter baskets to your close people? Or you just make one for yourself? Have you ever thought about what it reminds you of? If you think about a nest, you are right. Earlier, people used to make nests to keep Easter eggs there. With time, nests were transformed into baskets. 

Easter bread with a cross is another tradition that we have been keeping for ages. Nobody knows for sure who started to make them. One story tells that it was a monk who lived in the 12th century. He used to adorn his Great Friday bread with a cross. Nobody remembers the name of the monk but his cross buns are still made for Easter. 

And what about you? Have you already prepared everything for the celebration? We believe that this Easter will bring you and your family whatever you have ever wished, and we promise to prepare the most interesting movies and shows to watch. 

Happy Easter!

Your Ukrainian TV Company team