About Us

Who Are We?

We are a company of believers. We believe that every house deserves quality Ukrainian television because this is what makes us and our customers, this is what brings families together in the evening. Our team consists of customer service representatives that are always ready to answer any of your questions and ready to assist you with getting the right product and service.

Ukrainian TV Company offers you an opportunity to keep your native language and culture even if you live abroad. It offers you a way to bring the Ukrainian language to your family and to preserve the national culture. Give your kids access to the best Ukrainian movies and cartoons, enjoy your favorite shows or other content in the Ukrainian language.

With Ukrainian TV, you can watch programs in Ukrainian live or in a recorded version. It doesn't matter where you are located. Now, Ukrainian TV is available in any part of the world, including the USA. To watch Ukrainian channels, you don't even need a satellite antenna!

What Do We Do?

We offer top-quality TV services for Ukrainian families in the USA and around the world. With Ukrainian TV in the USA, we make it possible for you to watch your favorite Ukrainian channels anytime, from any device:

● Access Ukrainian channels from your mobile device via an app.
● Use Chromecast to watch Ukrainian TV.
● You can use an Android box, firestick, or Apple TV to watch Ukrainian channels.
● If you own Smart TV Samsung, use this device to watch your favorite channels in the Ukrainian language.
● If you believe that a media player is the most reliable option to watch Ukrainian TV, access our service through Dune or Alphabox.
● Watch channels in Ukrainian online from any device in your favorite browser.

With us, you can choose the most convenient option.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give all the Ukrainian families around the world an opportunity to enjoy TV in their native language. With us, you get access to HD channels in Ukrainian.

● Ukrainian TV in the USA gives you a chance to watch top rated Ukrainian channels in any location. More than 90 channels are at your service.
● Ukrainian TV in the USA is a guarantee of consistent top-quality service without compromises.
● Ukrainian TV online brings Ukrainian culture to every Ukrainian family. It helps you to preserve your traditions and to keep the amazing heritage of your country.

With us, you can be confident that you and your kids will keep Ukrainian culture and traditions while staying far away from Ukraine.